my letter to the editor and Sheriff Roberts

I am a beneficiary of the emergency services of Portland Mountain Rescue, Mountain Wave Search and Rescue, as well as other organizations who risk their own lives on Mt. Hood and in other locations to find, rescue, and recover our loved ones. These volunteers spend countless hours each year training and performing search and rescue (SAR) missions and do so with passion, professionalism, and readiness for the task, no matter its outcome. For our family, the outcome was tragic, as my brother, Jared, summited Mount Hood in February, 2012 and fell upon his descent. These SAR groups looked into the night for him, and in the morning he was recovered from the mountain. Clackamas County Sheriff Roberts wants to undercut these organizations with his new plan to form his own SAR group, effectively putting these non-profits out of business. His research of only two county models is hardly extensive nor is it “comprehensive” (“Sheriff plans to dismantle search-and-rescue tradition,” February 15, 2020). Requiring SAR volunteers to apply to the county or turn in their SAR cards is at best, inefficient and expensive, and at worst, a choice which will result in less volunteers who will take years to achieve the level of training, ability, and credibility Portland Mountain Rescue and other local SAR groups are known for. Sheriff Roberts, this ridiculous plan is unnecessary and will risk lives. Our community expects you to work with those already doing effective work.  #savemtwave #savePMR