Outreach Opportunities

Years ago, it was common for activity at the church to slow down during the summer. That hasn’t been the case at Orenco Church for the last handful of years. As I write this, Vacation Bible School is rapidly approaching. This is a wonderful service to our community, as we welcome 150+ kids into our building, our parking lot, our playground (we use every bit of space!) to learn the love of Jesus Christ.

There are a couple of special things going on during VBS, the week of July 11th. One is a special “Parent Lounge.” This will be located in our church parking lot and is a place parents can spend time while their children are in VBS. There are special activities planned each day (free manicures, and more!). This is also a way parents can learn about our church or pick up any materials. It is a service of hospitality. Any donations for this (donut holes, fruit, etc.) are welcome, as well as for the volunteers, who have their own area with bottled water and snacks during the week.

Another service to our community during VBS is our service project. During the week, teams of children attending will bring in change for HomePlate Youth Services, a non-profit provider of drop-in centers and outreach for homeless youth in Hillsboro. In August, we will have an opportunity to serve HomePlate as a congregation. In July, in addition to VBS families, we encourage you to bring change or make a donation for HomePlate. There are other needs they have, as well, and you can learn more about them at http://www.homeplateyouth.org/.

You might remember our session adopted a new mission statement for us this spring, which reads: “Called to put God’s love in action, Orenco Church glorifies Jesus Christ by worshipping God and celebrating Him, sharing His Good News, and caring for the community and beyond.”

Vacation Bible School is not just a ministry for Julie Tucker, our Children’s Ministry Director, or for our youth group or regular volunteers; it is an outpouring of love we all can have for our community, and there are many ways to serve and share the Good News of Christ the week of July 11th and beyond.

Thank you to all of you who have volunteered for your commitment and support and–most of all—for your love for these kids.


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