Post-Preaching Notes – Fasting

We had a great day of worship today – made complete by our welcome of new members, installation and ordination of elders and deacons, a community blood drive, and a chili cookoff. Congratulations to the members and officers, as well as the chili cookoff winners!

Fasting – please remember this is not all about food, though scripture speaks of fasting as abstaining from food and/or drink. Remember if you are interested in fasting to check with your doctor first.

There are also so many steps we can take in re-prioritizing our lives! I mentioned to you this morning that I have fasted here and there from fast food or particular food groups. Most beneficial to me personally, however, is a social media fast (think Facebook!) or a fast of personal patterns I’ve fallen into that aren’t helpful. Julie had some things to add today from her children’s message, as well; during Lent we may add some kind of personal practice to strengthen our lives with one another and with God, such as spending time off of our phones and with our kids, reading more, walking more, deciding to read a book of the Bible, or stretching ourselves in other ways like cooking, attending a class, or introducing ourselves to someone we don’t know.

Many have written about fasting. Here is an article if you are wanting more from this discussion! See you next week, as we continue our “Rooted” series.

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